Radisson Blu Plaza

Radisson Blu Plaza on ylellinen hotelli Helsingin ydinkeskustan historiallisessa

Radisson Blu Plaza is a luxurious hotel in the historical setting of central Helsinki. All the rooms, restaurants and common areas of the internationally acclaimed hotel were renewed in 2012. Electro Waves designed and implemented numerous advanced AV, sound, lighting and Digital Signage solutions in Radisson Blu Plaza.

“The basis of the design philosophy was to offer clients something new and unprecedented. Electro Waves was the natural choice due to our collaboration that has continued for a couple of decades”, says Anne Olenius, project manager of Sokotel Oy.

In the Superior rooms guests can control lighting with touchscreens and connect their computers to a TV-set with additional speakers through a control panel. There are televisions in the bathroom mirrors and the color of the room number light can be changed from inside the room.

In Restaurant Kitzens Electro Waves actualized the lighting designers vision in a large and challenging space. In the Business Lounge we created an intimate soundscape on a balcony without partitions. The restaurant uses eMenus.

In addition to the challenges posed by the valuable property, high standards and tight schedule, the other half of the hotel was still in use throughout the renovation. Electro Waves was thanked for their flexibility and positive service attitude.

“Many of the things we hoped for would not have been possible without Electro Waves. They listened to us and were always looking for new customer-oriented solutions.”, Olenius says.

Electro Waves is always looking for new customer-oriented solutions.

-Anne Olenius, projektipäällikkö.