Just Something Special

First-class solutions and bold innovations are based on Electro Waves’  long experience in audio-visual technology, digital signage, lighting, sound and water technology. Electro Waves is a true expert in the field.

We design and build a comprehensive product range for each item, and always the best choice of the system. Our service includes everything you need from design to installation and service helpdesk. Thanks to our own import we always offer the best products.

In order to be able to offer our customers holistic, quality solutions, we have gathered the best partners and resellers around us – companies that share our passion as innovative forerunners and as professionals implementing unique solutions in an ever-changing world.

Sun Effects implements visual and individual solutions using tools of light, sound and video expression. Design is complemented by well-managed technical implementation.
Innovation Home brings together investors, mentors, coaches, growth companies and startups. Our goal is to help domestic operators get out in the world with communality and welfare.
Bluet offers comprehensive consultation, conceptualization and design in floating construction.