M&M Kuntotalo Kupittaa

M&M Kuntotalo–Fitness center has got three Centers in the Turku-area: Kupittaa, Raisio and downtown Turku.

In 2018 Electro Waves planned, delivered and installed a comprehensive package of AV-solutions for the groups training area in the Kupittaa center. From the period of planning the AV-solutions, special attention has been given to first class quality, reliability and ease of use.

”This has for sure been a WOW-experience for our customers!”
– Renja Riihinen, M&M Kuntotalo Kupittaa

A good planning has given results and the customer experiences have been great. “We have had a lot of positive feedback that it has been a fantastic experience and nice settings for the training”, concludes ms Renja Rihinen, Manager, Kupittaan Club.

Technical implementation:
 Nexo loudspeakers, bass, amplifiers Yamaha audioprocessors.
Lighting: automated Elation / Cameo RGBW colour lighting
(works with the EW Virtual 2.0 – system)
EW Virtual 2.0 + Sony and Panasonic Laser projectors, CUE control system
LesMills Immersive Fitness technical solutions and implementation in collaboration with the producer of the videocontent (Crossworks GMBH)
Video wall: 2×2 Finlux 55” screen, Chief video wall mount
Further: AV-service and maintenance contract