Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

The unique Helsinki XR Center (HXRC) operates in connection with Metropolia’s creative industries campus and combines design and technology in a new way. HXRC is the largest centre focused on virtual reality in Europe and aims at being a well-known international operator.

Ambitiously combining different fields of expertise, large volumes of the latest technology and competence come together at HXRC. Electro Waves was involved as a supplier of lights and mechanical solutions. The company was selected as a supplier through the tendering process of Tietokeskus*, although Electro Waves also had previous evidence of successful cooperation in presentation technology solutions for Metropolia’s premises. “The delivery was efficient and matched our needs perfectly”, says Hannes Jesar, Project Manager at Metropolia and frequent user of the facilities, regarding the choice of supplier.

Electro Waves supplied the XR Multipurpose Studio with wash lights, which can be used to change the colour and atmosphere of the space, general and accent lights, and the light control system. The contract also included the preliminary programming of the light system, as well as training in the use of the control system.

In the mechanics contract, great cooperation with good partners benefited the customer through prices, quality and innovative solutions. The tendering material for mechanics was drawn up by Akukon Oy, Electro Waves handled the implementation design and implemented the systems of both studies in cooperation with JDR Rigging Oy and Espoon HT Teknocenter Oy.

In connection with the mechanics contract, equipment was delivered to the XR Show/Demo Studio and the XR Multipurpose Studio. The contract included chain hoists with control centres, beam clamps for suspending the chain hoists, cabling, a 4-point truss system and a cable management system with junction boxes for the trusses. Safety and the load-bearing capacity of the structures are of the utmost importance in a project of this nature, so the necessary structural calculations (Structural Report) for the suspension system were carried out through an independent external operator, ensuring that the performance figures and load-bearing capacity of the suspension structures were in accordance with the plans.

Lauri Wilén is an AV architect who is responsible for the design and procurement of presentation technology at Metropolia. He says about the mechanical solutions: “The most noteworthy technical solution is that the user is able to easily and seamlessly adjust the height of the trusses to the desired level according to need and use. This enables the installation of new equipment, supplies and lights in the future, when the need arises”. Wilén is also very satisfied with the cooperation with Electro Waves: “The project progressed from order to deployment in a very exemplary manner and well on schedule, even though the prevailing global situation caused minor delays from time to time. It is worth noting that the installation contract could be carried out in such a way that the user was also able to have activities in the facilities during the work, meaning that the work site operated really efficiently”.

Hannes Jesar comments on the projects from the perspective of a user of the facilities, saying that as a user himself, the primary thing he looks at is how the trusses and lights look aesthetically and how they fit into the rest of the space. “Under no circumstances should technology stand out as something separate or attract too much attention, but rather it should fit nicely in the space, like any other piece of furniture. This has been done successfully. In addition, the trusses have added a finishing touch to our facilities.”

All in all, the cooperation in this project has worked very well. Electro Waves’ professionalism and expertise have enabled the functionalities of Metropolia’s augmented reality centre, innovative even by international standards, in terms of lighting and mechanical solutions.

Lauri Wilén would like to convey a special thanks to Electro Waves for the truly smooth communication during the entire process, as well as for their user-friendly approach.

XR Show/Demo Studio

GIS LPM 1NL 250kg D8+LV chain hoists, + chain hoist JLIFT control centre + JLIFT remote controller.
Certex Powertex beam clamps for suspending the chain hoists.
SIXTY82 M29S truss system.
Admiral Snake Cable Guide cable management system.

XR Multipurpose Studio.
Elation SIXPAR 200 RGBAW+UV LED wash lights.
Cameo TS 200 Warm White fresnels.
ETC EchoTouch MK2 light control system.
Elation RDM645 DMX RJ45 splitter.


*Tietokeskus is a Finnish expert company founded in 1989 that offers its customers developing and secure IT support, data centre and cloud services, as well as hardware and licences at a flat monthly rate, flexibly, without fixed-term contracts. Our 300 happy professionals are available to our corporate and public sector customers in 8 cities. In 2021, the turnover of Tietokeskus was EUR 82 million.