MyFit Tapiola

MyFit Tapiola is a modern fitness centre combining high quality with inexpensive pricing. Part of the affordability is owed to different automatic functions. Customers don’t pay for services they don’t use.

The customers can do their favorite exercises whenever they want with virtual group exercise and indoor cycling lessons. Electro Waves implemented a system complete with Digital Signage touchscreens allowing the customers to preview virtual exercises and choose from multiple options.

Electro Waves also designed and implemented sound systems, projectors and screens for the group exercise rooms. The speakers embedded in the ceilings of the gyms and locker rooms and the camera surveillance system were also provided by Electro Waves.

“I knew from experience that Electro Waves was reliable, and they custom-made a solution according to our wishes. Promises were kept and aftercare was outstanding”, said Jukka Mustonen, CEO of MyFit.

MyFit Tapiola technical solution

  • Touchscreen controlled virtual exercise with software designed by Electro Waves
  • Two different rooms with virtually instructed
  • Group exercise and indoor cycling lessons
  • Sound system
  • Projectors and screens
  • Touchscreens
  • Survaillance cameras

Promises were kept and aftercare was outstanding!

-Jukka Mustonen, CEO