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Tampere’s 116-year-old Tavara-asema event venue combines a historic environment with modern technology.

Tavara-asema’s new event and concert venue opened its doors in January 2023. The space is equipped with modern, high-quality audio-visual presentation technology.

The project’s supplier was Torvinen Showtekniikka, which is located in Hämeenlinna. Torvinen Showtekniikka offers comprehensive turnkey solutions for all sound, lighting and video needs.

Showtekniikka has years of experience with NEXO audio equipment, so the products were guaranteed to be reliable and functional, and the choice for Tavara-asema’s sound system was easy to make. One of the project’s aims was to create a unified system, which meant ensuring that the audio technology consisted entirely of equipment from a single manufacturer.

“We acted as Tavara-asema’s technical partner, and we offer NEXO products for event production. This means that if Tavara-asema’s system ever needs additional components, we will be able to respond immediately”, says Showtekniikka’s Audio Technician Tommi Tjukanov.

116-year-old Tavara-asema
Images: Miikka Varila

The event venue’s biggest technical challenge was the location. A space in the middle of residential areas and hotel operations must account for noise disruptions, or sound leaks, that may inconvenience people outside the venue.

“NEXO’s system played a key role in solving this problem. We knew that NEXO’s cardioid solutions would be a fitting and cost-efficient answer. We have lots of experience and thorough expertise on Dante network signals, and Tavara-asema’s entire sound system actually uses Dante to transport all signals. This made it a natural system choice”, explains Tjukanov.

Tavara-asema currently uses NEXO’s P15 point source loudspeakers and ID24 sound reinforcement speakers. One of the ID24’s best features is that it can be placed or hung in a variety of locations and that it is compact – without sacrificing sound quality, of course.

Tavara-asema currently uses NEXO’s P15 point source loudspeakers and ID24 sound reinforcement speakers.

Electro Waves, who Showtekniikka was already familiar with, acted as an importer for NEXO and Yamaha products during the project.

“We are happy that we had the opportunity to work with Electro Waves’ experts to design the exact set up we wanted. We would like to thank everyone on the Electro Waves team, with special thanks to Kari Lehtonen for quick responses, constructive discussions and all the effort put into the project. We were positively surprised about the very quick delivery, which confirmed our decision to use NEXO in the project.”

NEXO’s sound system is complemented by Yamaha’s CL5 mixing consoles, RiO3224D2 audio interface and MRX-7D processor. NEXO is owned by Yamaha, so the products seamlessly integrate into Yamaha’s mixing systems.

The new high-quality equipment allows Tavara-asema’s premises to be used for a variety of purposes, and the venue’s calendar is already booked full of different events, from flea markets to festivals.

You can check out upcoming events on Tavara-asema’s Events page.

NEXO’s sound system is complemented by Yamaha’s CL5 mixing consoles

The delivered NEXO sound system included the following products:
Nexo GEOM12 line-array speakers (2×5 pcs)
NEXO ID24-T 120×40, 8 pcs
Nexo RS18 subwoofers (8 pcs)
Nexo P15 monitor speakers (8 pcs.)
Nexo P15/L18 side fill speakers (4+2 pcs)
Nexo NxAmp4x4Mk2 amplifiers (8 pcs.)

The unique Helsinki XR Center (HXRC) operates in connection with Metropolia’s creative industries campus and combines design and technology in a new way. HXRC is the largest centre focused on virtual reality in Europe and aims at being a well-known international operator.

Ambitiously combining different fields of expertise, large volumes of the latest technology and competence come together at HXRC. Electro Waves was involved as a supplier of lights and mechanical solutions. The company was selected as a supplier through the tendering process of Tietokeskus*, although Electro Waves also had previous evidence of successful cooperation in presentation technology solutions for Metropolia’s premises. “The delivery was efficient and matched our needs perfectly”, says Hannes Jesar, Project Manager at Metropolia and frequent user of the facilities, regarding the choice of supplier.

Electro Waves supplied the XR Multipurpose Studio with wash lights, which can be used to change the colour and atmosphere of the space, general and accent lights, and the light control system. The contract also included the preliminary programming of the light system, as well as training in the use of the control system.

In the mechanics contract, great cooperation with good partners benefited the customer through prices, quality and innovative solutions. The tendering material for mechanics was drawn up by Akukon Oy, Electro Waves handled the implementation design and implemented the systems of both studies in cooperation with JDR Rigging Oy and Espoon HT Teknocenter Oy.

In connection with the mechanics contract, equipment was delivered to the XR Show/Demo Studio and the XR Multipurpose Studio. The contract included chain hoists with control centres, beam clamps for suspending the chain hoists, cabling, a 4-point truss system and a cable management system with junction boxes for the trusses. Safety and the load-bearing capacity of the structures are of the utmost importance in a project of this nature, so the necessary structural calculations (Structural Report) for the suspension system were carried out through an independent external operator, ensuring that the performance figures and load-bearing capacity of the suspension structures were in accordance with the plans.

Lauri Wilén is an AV architect who is responsible for the design and procurement of presentation technology at Metropolia. He says about the mechanical solutions: “The most noteworthy technical solution is that the user is able to easily and seamlessly adjust the height of the trusses to the desired level according to need and use. This enables the installation of new equipment, supplies and lights in the future, when the need arises”. Wilén is also very satisfied with the cooperation with Electro Waves: “The project progressed from order to deployment in a very exemplary manner and well on schedule, even though the prevailing global situation caused minor delays from time to time. It is worth noting that the installation contract could be carried out in such a way that the user was also able to have activities in the facilities during the work, meaning that the work site operated really efficiently”.

Hannes Jesar comments on the projects from the perspective of a user of the facilities, saying that as a user himself, the primary thing he looks at is how the trusses and lights look aesthetically and how they fit into the rest of the space. “Under no circumstances should technology stand out as something separate or attract too much attention, but rather it should fit nicely in the space, like any other piece of furniture. This has been done successfully. In addition, the trusses have added a finishing touch to our facilities.”

All in all, the cooperation in this project has worked very well. Electro Waves’ professionalism and expertise have enabled the functionalities of Metropolia’s augmented reality centre, innovative even by international standards, in terms of lighting and mechanical solutions.

Lauri Wilén would like to convey a special thanks to Electro Waves for the truly smooth communication during the entire process, as well as for their user-friendly approach.

XR Show/Demo Studio

GIS LPM 1NL 250kg D8+LV chain hoists, + chain hoist JLIFT control centre + JLIFT remote controller.
Certex Powertex beam clamps for suspending the chain hoists.
SIXTY82 M29S truss system.
Admiral Snake Cable Guide cable management system.

XR Multipurpose Studio.
Elation SIXPAR 200 RGBAW+UV LED wash lights.
Cameo TS 200 Warm White fresnels.
ETC EchoTouch MK2 light control system.
Elation RDM645 DMX RJ45 splitter.


*Tietokeskus is a Finnish expert company founded in 1989 that offers its customers developing and secure IT support, data centre and cloud services, as well as hardware and licences at a flat monthly rate, flexibly, without fixed-term contracts. Our 300 happy professionals are available to our corporate and public sector customers in 8 cities. In 2021, the turnover of Tietokeskus was EUR 82 million.

In Pasila Tripla, the offices of the future, a shopping center, a hotel and numerous services have been elegantly merged into one entity. The center, also known as the new heart of Helsinki, also offers a home for Telia’s new, magnificent head office.

Telia’s premises impress visitors at the first sight. In the fourth-floor entrance hall and the seventh-floor reception welcomes both, employees and visitors with massive Samsung LED screens that have gained a lot of positive attention. The entrance floor has meeting rooms for customer meetings and a versatile space for events of up to 200 people.

Today, during the working day there are very different tasks and situations that employees face. In Telia’s office, no one has their own designated workstation. The office space has been designed to meet different needs of tasks, whether it is focused individual work or teamwork in a lively, cozy atmosphere.  In addition to inspiring work spaces, Telia’s new home base has 220 meeting rooms. Electro Waves is responsible for the AV solutions for these and also other facilities.

“Electro Waves was selected as our partner through a bidding competition. The company emerged as the clear winner of the tender, as they had to offer exactly the solution we were looking for.” says Risto Huostila, Telia’s Real Estate Manager, who was responsible for the entire, gigantic construction project.

Huostila says that the construction project lasted altogether for nearly two years and as significant AV solutions were made, Electro Waves was involved almost from the beginning. Huostila is pleased with the cooperation with the AV -solution provider and  praises Electro Waves’ approach: “The cooperation went well, the professionals knew what they were doing and they always suggested a workable solution”.

Screens and eye-catching LED walls in all spaces are Samsung products. “At Samsung, price and quality meet, and all products were given good warranties, which increased confidence in the operator,” says Huostila.

Tripla’s construction site was like a small town where everyone had an important role to play. Up to 1,500 employees worked on the site, so it was important that the installers of the AV solutions knew their job and worked on schedule. “One important factor in the success of the project was also that Electro Waves really invested in the project and had a sufficient number of professionals to do it,” says Huostila and continues: “the big picture is the sum of many parts, and Electro Waves played a big role in that everything works seamlessly and securely ”.

Telia is one of the country’s largest telecommunications companies, so technology must work reliably in every space. “Functional, modern solutions are essential for a company like us” sums up the property manager, who is pleased with the project, and continues: “The feedback we received has been mostly three-letter. Those letters have been WOW ”- that is, that famous wow effect has been achieved with good design, the latest technology and millimeter-accurate implementation.

Technical implementation

The project was divided into two phases, the first (10/2019) was implementing Led walls on the 4th and 7th floors and the second was setting up versatile meeting rooms (2-5 / 2020).

Samsung LED walls
A 40m2 (25 + 15m2) LED wall was built in the 4th floor entrance hall, which was ready for the grand opening of the shopping center and also, at the same time the 7th floor LED wall (12.8m2) was completed.

Meeting facilities
The head office has a total of 220 meeting rooms equipped with the display best suited for each room (55 ”, 75”, 85 ”or 98”). Meeting rooms are also equipped with other technical devices such as Lightware video matrices, extenders, AV-over-IP and Zeevee AV-over-IP, as well as CUE System control systems.

148 Cisco Webex and Lightware integrations were installed.

Samsung’s displays are also available in the hallways of Telia’s 9th floor and in the staff’s facilities.

The meeting rooms are equipped with Fohhn Airea audio, a total of 7 systems.

The special premises have Fohhn Airea sound, a total of 7 systems.

Lauttasaari Sports Center and its X LAB is a versatile and modern sports facility for the whole family.
Electro Waves has been responsible for the design of the 3rd and 4th floor AV solutions as well as the installation of the equipment.

Just Something Special!
The space on the third floor is divided with a black SIXTY82 truss and chains.
The rooms are equipped with RGBW lights, which not only create an atmosphere but also general lights.
Audac, Nexo and Yamaha take care of high-quality sound reproduction.
Lighting and sound are easy to control with CUE’s AV control system (TouchCue 5 ”touch screen).
A large 3×3 video wall has been installed on the fourth floor and the third floor has a 98” screen.

Technical solution in both locations:

  • Audio: AUDAC & NEXO
    (speakers, subs, DSP amplifiers)
  • Audio processing: YAMAHA
  • Lighting: HERA RGBW LED
  • Light control: VISUAL PRODUCTION
  • Truss: SIXTY82
  • AV devices: CUE AV control system, TouchCue 5 ”touch screen

A familiar partner brings certainty.

Mall of Tripla is Helsinki’s newest shopping and commercial center in Pasila. The new Orginal Sokos Hotel was also opened in Tripla, offering its guests meeting and banquet facilities as well as quality restaurant services. Electro Waves is already a well-known partner of Sokotel from previous projects, so it was natural that they were also included in the tender for the new site. Of course, the old merits alone were not enough, but the competitive price and the ability to listen to the customer’s needs from the very beginning lead to new cooperation. Zeeman Cheung, who is responsible for technical solutions, has collaborated with Electro Waves on many sites. “I appreciate that the partner is involved in long projects from the very beginning. When the solution provider is involved in the planning from the start, it is easier to react to changes along the way”.

“Mall of Tripla’s solution was based on building a high-quality basic technology that can be applied to the most demanding purposes, if necessary.”

The Mall of Tripla’s Hotel has several meeting and event rooms that can be divided into sections – or in the case of a large event, all the rooms can be combined into one big whole. The flexibility of spaces also poses particular challenges for audiovisual technology, and this must be taken into account in the planning process. The heart of Tripla’s Meeting Rooms is the Ballroom with 600 seats, to which hundreds of additional seats can be brought together by combining the lobby facilities. Well-designed AV technology allows presentations to be seen and heard everywhere, as if front-row seats were everywhere in the hall – and even outside!

Anu Kärkkäinen, Head of Orginal Sokos Hotel Tripla’s restaurant operations, says that functional technology is an absolute prerequisite in meeting rooms. Technology must serve the diverse needs of customers and be as easy to use as possible. “Customers today have very demanding needs in terms of audiovisual technology, and we need to keep up with them.” The aim was to build the space so that it would be functional even in years to come. Because of this, a lot of multi-purpose interfaces were installed across hotel’s modern and versatile meeting rooms. It is important for the customer that everything works as smoothly and reliably as possible. “We don’t want our clients to have to spend their time taking care of technical solutions or making sure they work.”

Electro Waves’ operations received praise from both the restaurant manager and the technical side: “The cooperation has gone smooth. As always, there were last minute changes to this project and the schedule was really tight at times. Electro Waves ’skilled installers were flexible in their schedules – even during the Christmas rush – and everything was completed as planned. The cooperation continued after the installations were completed, as during the first months of operation, the technical solutions were fine-tuned together with the installers.

Mall of Tripla’s central location in Pasila, Helsinki, and the new, versatile premises have aroused a lot of interest. The customer feedback has been absolutely positive. Success is the sum of many things, and good partners also have a key role to play. Kärkkäinen thinks that co-operation with Electro Waves is also an excellent thing for the future, as she can be sure that the maintenance also works seamlessly and ensures that the customer experience for Tripla Orginal Sokos Hotel customers will continue to be excellent.

Wow-effects and the service outgoing from the client’s needs

Electro Waves executed to Flamingos EVENTI-space, audio-visual solutions that are versatile, representing the newest technology. The event space has many purposes: it serves hotel costumers by being breakfast and lunch restaurant, but as the name suggests, it is available also for versatile happenings from seminars to product launchings and celebrations. With their own entrance equipped space will serve even the most demanding costumers needs on behalf of, both in terms of service and technology.

Meeting- and reservation restaurant manager Petri Saukkomaa who has been in the designing project from the beginning, tells that the basis of the design has been customer’s needs. Unique, glass wall space also needs unique solutions, so the clients can offer their own custumers and cooperation partner the best possible experience.

Saukkomaa has a long experience with event and restaurant business. The experience was benefitted from the beginning of the design work. “Easiness and reliability are crucial things from the client’s point of view. In every step of designing, how things would be the easiest to the clients was well thought of and also the safety point of view was taken to a strict consideration: wires place is not on the floor, but they are taken into targets, for example to the mixing console through routes that are invisible to the clients.”

Electro Waves was chosen to be Flamingos cooperation partner through a competitive tendering. Installments and commissioning’s went easily, without any problems. Cooperation between different makers went well and also schedule has held precisely: the first event in EVENTI-space was held according to plans, on the following day after the last installments.

The most important effect

Saukkomaa states that from the client’s point of view, there are exactly two options: technique either works or it doesn’t. “We want to show our clients, that we have thought of the user experience along with every detail. The clients job is not to be nervous if the technology works or not. It’s important to us, that the client gets added value to their job from the technology. Our job is to create to the clients the most important, WOW-effect.”

What does WOW-effect mean? “I know that our clients have used a lot of time and effort to their presentations. Investment to pretentious performances and videos peaks with that we can bring them more impressiveness and depth with lights and good sound.” Tells Saukkomaa and sums up: “Our goal is to bring the client’s case out in the best possible light”.

Smooth costumer service

The easiness and reliability of audio-visual system is also very important matter from staffs stand. “We have here a lot of employees, so the accessibility of technology is very essential. We thought of accessibility with Electro Waves even when we were renovating Flamingos conference rooms.

When employees know that the technology works and they can count on that everything is in order, their energy will release to their actual meaning of work or costumer service. “When the conference hostess doesn’t have to be nervous if the video projector will turn on or if the sound system will work, she can entertain the clients with a much better feeling” wonders Saukkomaa and continues: “It brings the employees career pride, when they feel like they control the devices and can answer customers questions.”

Considered from all of these point of views, EVENTI-space is a successful execution. “We have succeeded with the light, sound and picture – all of them intertwine together into one user friendly entirety in good cooperation with Electro Waves.” The vicinity of this space was wanted to build so, that it serves also costumers possible special demands: easy frames were built to the installations, so if some event demands any additional parts or special technology, it will be easily installed”.

Well planned, started from the need of a client cooperation with Electro Waves led to a conclusion that offers wonderful frame to meetings and an exciting work environment to the professionals of customer service.

Manufacturers of technical products used in the project:

Digital Projection | Admiral | NEXO | FOHHN | Lightware | CHIEF | Yamaha | Sennheiser | CUE | Euroscreen

M&M Kuntotalo–Fitness center has got three Centers in the Turku-area: Kupittaa, Raisio and downtown Turku.

In 2018 Electro Waves planned, delivered and installed a comprehensive package of AV-solutions for the groups training area in the Kupittaa center. From the period of planning the AV-solutions, special attention has been given to first class quality, reliability and ease of use.

”This has for sure been a WOW-experience for our customers!”
– Renja Riihinen, M&M Kuntotalo Kupittaa

A good planning has given results and the customer experiences have been great. “We have had a lot of positive feedback that it has been a fantastic experience and nice settings for the training”, concludes ms Renja Rihinen, Manager, Kupittaan Club.

Technical implementation:
 Nexo loudspeakers, bass, amplifiers Yamaha audioprocessors.
Lighting: automated Elation / Cameo RGBW colour lighting
(works with the EW Virtual 2.0 – system)
EW Virtual 2.0 + Sony and Panasonic Laser projectors, CUE control system
LesMills Immersive Fitness technical solutions and implementation in collaboration with the producer of the videocontent (Crossworks GMBH)
Video wall: 2×2 Finlux 55” screen, Chief video wall mount
Further: AV-service and maintenance contract

The entire delivery package consited of two gold coloured (powder painted RAL Pearl Gold 1036, glossy), truss frames. The two frames are standing detached on ten bases and with a lot of diagonal trusses in two layers on top

The frames were placed in the main lobby of Scandic Airport (at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport), marking the area reserved for the Breakfast- and a la Carte- restaurants.

The setting organises in a nice way the main lobby in the hotel and the different services in the lobby. A fair amount of area lighting, along with cabling, were put into the trusses.

Truss type: Prolyte X30V (truss with four main tubes)
More than 40 corner and special parts
about 170 straight trusses
In all almost 400 metres

The technical solutions for both spaces consisted of similar configurations. In larger spaces, the image is projected on Sony’s laser projectors to a 3-meter screen and smaller 65-inch CTOUCH touch screens are used in smaller spaces

The virtual system automatically controls the effect illumination, which changes the atmosphere of the room according to the content of classes.

Technical solution for both locations:

– Sony Laser Projectors
– LD Systems Audio
– Cameo Lightning – Effective Lighting
– Electro Waves Virtual + “On Demand” touchscreen
– Ctouch 65″ touch screen