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Kliffa & Klubi is an atmospheric cocktail / wine bar and a nightclub in Porvoo. This popular venue wants to offer its customers a pleasant environment to spend evening and to succeed in this, it is also essential to take into account the technical solutions of the premises.

For club, that was opened in Easter 2017, it was important to get a cost-effective solution with focus on the sound. Otherwise both designers and implementation were carried out without further limitations.

For sound was chosen DAS-Vantec series of active loudspeakers, which are ideal for playing versatile music – regardless if the source was digital recording or live performance.

Old wooden building and good acoustics together with modern, active loudspeakers guarantee a pleasant atmosphere in Kliffa & Klubi.

Technical solution:
Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2
Pioneer CDJ-900NXS
DAS Vantec 12 active loudspeakers
DAS Vantec 18A active subwoofer
DAS artec 506A
DAS artec S15A active subwoofer
DAS ANL2 set
Shure SM58 microphone
Showtec Galactic Polar MKII DMX 51318
Moving head XS-1RGBW  40159
FLAT LED par RGBV light
Fader in Multi Light control 64 Ch
DMX Spitter 4/3
IMIX-5.3 D2352
RGB light strip + 4 kpl RGB DMX power
ChamSys MiniWing + PC
Pro Hazer –smoke machine

Electro Waves is happy to receive unique wishes, and one of these was the illuminated floor clock at the Valkea shopping center in Oulu. The project began when the shopping center designer came up with an idea of embedding a LED clock with a two-meter diameter into the floor. They wanted an unilluminated area indicating seconds, minutes and hours and the possibility to change colours.

The requirements for the project were:
– Ability to withstand the weight of a vehicle
– Ability to withstand the water used for washing the floor
– Ability to withstand installation into a cast
– Maintenance access from the top
– Timed startup
– Scratch-proof glass that isn’t slippery

A Skype for Business video conferencing system customized for a large space that ensures playback covering the entire space and a carefully planned microphone placement. Quiet speech will no longer drown in the large space.

Technical solution for the Workers’ Educational Association:
– Fohhn Linea LX-10 ultra-compact two-way loudspeaker
– YAMAHA YVC-1000 Microphone & Speaker System
– Sony 75″ BRAVIA Professional Full HD Colour LED Display
– Logitech PTZ Pro
– Kramer TBUS-1Axl table mount solution

A meeting of professionals lead to a successful outcome!

MTV Ltd is an expert of video and audio, and so the AV equipment at the company’s internal use should be the best in the business and guaranteed to function properly.

Electro Waves delivered and installed AV equipment at MTV’s premises at Ilmala, Helsinki, in e.g. the meeting room, hall, and auditorium in August 2016. The contact person for the project was Heli Kunnas, Property Manager at MTV Ltd. Kunnas says they “were not familiar with Electro Waves beforehand, but we found them through Google and were impressed in the tendering stage by the way they genuinely offered the things we asked for – and the price was right as well”.

Six entirely new meeting rooms were built for MTV with names and themes strongly connected to the company’s business. We were able to take pictures in the MTV SPORT meeting room, into which, like all other meeting rooms, a screen, active speakers, and all the necessary cables were installed.

“We needed equipment that could play anything. We are a forerunner in the industry, so we must have proper equipment. An old whirring data projector on the table does not sit very well with our business”, says Heli Kunnas, and continues: “Users have been very happy because the equipment is reliable and easy to use. It is important that the equipment works with a Mac as well as with old and new PCs”.

MTV SPORT –neuvotteluhuone.

”Electro Waves acted professionally throughout the process. The AV expert had answers to all of our questions and gave good suggestions”

”It is also important that both the screen and the speakers are the right size for the space. Audio and video have been pre-adjusted, so the only thing left for the user to do is to select ‘PC or TV’”.  In addition, screens playing content produced by the media house were installed in the offices and open meeting areas of the meeting facilities.

Renewing the AV equipment was part of a larger renovation into which professionals of different fields from structural engineers to electrical designers took part. An AV designer was also involved, and their AV plan received praise from Electro Waves as well.

The entire transformation process was long: nearly 1.5 years. In addition to the meeting rooms, changes were made to the offices: “We did not only change the physical facilities, we changed our entire business model”, says Kunnas. AV equipment came along at the final stages of the process when the premises were already clean and dust-free. The electrical contractor had already finished laying the AV cables, so Electro Waves had an easy job to come in and install the equipment as agreed.

Heli Kunnas says they were extremely satisfied with the service of Electro Waves: “They acted professionally throughout the process. We first had a chance to familiarise ourselves with the equipment at their premises, and their AV expert had answers to all of our questions and gave good suggestions. The products were exactly what they had offered”.

The timetable for the project was challenging, as work had to start quickly after the decision was made on the provider. “Electro Waves did an excellent job and stayed on schedule, even though the timeframe was exceptionally tight”, Kunnas praises, and notes that they have already made additional orders. She believes they will continue to use Electro Waves in the future as well when renewing or adding to their AV equipment.

Technical solution

”Lightware” digital image transfer
”tvONE coriomatrix” universal video matrix router
”VADDIO AV-Bridge conference” skype for business integration (integrating steady camera and microphones to computer based Skype-meeting)
”CUE” AV-control system (touch screen  ja control processors)
”NEXO” sound (loudspeakers, subwoofers, amplifier, loudspeaker processor)
“Clearone converge pro” audio DSP 

4krs Negotiation rooms:
”Sony bravia” 4k professional screens,
”CHIEF” screen displays
”AMX” Table wires with retractable cables,
”AMX” control system
”Wepresent” wireless image transfer 

4krs. ”Square of Experience”:
”NEC” Video wall ,
”AMX” control system
”CHIEF” screen displays
Touch screen in the lounge (integrated into wall)
”CTOUCH” 65” UHD touch screen
”EW-kiosk” customised browser software
”EW-remote” remote control software
”CHIEF” pull-out screen display
”CUE” control processor
”AOPEN” PC-player

Sports Center Zemppi opened in January 2017, and offers the citizens of Oulu great facilities, easy-to-use equipment and a large hall for activities. At Zemppi, you will find three smaller sports halls equipped with virtual exercise that enables free exercise at a time that suits your own schedule.

Electro Waves implemented the PA and effect lighting for the spaces and holistic solutions for imaging technology equipment.

The Zemppi technical solution:

  • LD Systems
  • Cameo Light (RGBW spot)
  • LG
  • Electrowaves Virtual:
    CTOUCH 65″+ Sony Full HD laser projector

Together with the Finnish Lappset Group Oy, Electro Waves implemented the magical Mattel Play theme park in Liverpool, United Kingdom. The theme of the park includes Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine, characters also familiar to Finnish children. We designed and implemented the park’s PA, lighting and technical imaging solutions. In addition, we implemented the equipment control systems using centralized control logic technologies and touch screen interfaces.

In addition to the park in Liverpool, we have also been involved in the implementation of the Angry Birds theme park in Malaysia.

The multi-purpose center Silta is a new building that was completed in the autumn of 2015 and includes a school, kindergarten and library. In this project, Electro Waves was responsible for the equipment in six multi-purpose spaces, the dining hall, stage, gym hall and the INFO-TV system.

Technical solution:

* SmartBoard smartboards + NEC projectors + electric height adjustments
* Elmo document camera
* Yamaha BluRay player
* HDMI / DisplayPort / VGA signal control using Lightware TPS series products
* Apart Concept-1 PA system (logics-controlled)
* Crestron AV control system

Dining hall, stage and gym hall
* Sony Laser-LED projectors
* HDMI / DisplayPort / VGA signal control using Lightware TPS series products
* Yamaha TF-1 digital mixer, TIO 1608 digital stageboxes and
MRX7D audio DSP, Dante networked system
* DAS Event 208 active line-array speaker system,
stage monitors and side speakers DAS Vantec 12 A
* AKG microphones, wired and wireless
* Philips / Elation performance lighting (LED)
* Chamsys Wing Compact light control system
* Crestron AV control system

Multi-purpose spaces
* LG and CHIEF displays integrated into furniture
* Genelec 4000 series active speakers
* Crestron signal management and control systems

INFO-TV system
17 LG info monitors 55”-65”
1 OneLan Digital Signage publishing system

Flamingon keilaviihdekeskuksessa Vantaalla on 20 erinomaista keilarataa ja 7

We created a stylish light and soundscape for BowlCircus Flamingo. Bowling and leisure are taken to a new level.

Flamingo’s bowling and entertainment centre in Vantaa has 20 excellent lanes, 7 high-quality pool tables, a stylish sauna and first-class private spaces.

BowlCircus Flamingo technical solution

  • The sound system and effects of the bowling alley
  • AV technology 600m², info TV system

Founded in 1872, the National Theater is the oldest Finnish-language theater. The building has six stages, more than a dozen premieres every year and over 30 different performances in its repertoire. In 2014, events at the National Theater drew over 177,000 visitors.

National Theater – revamped speaker system.

The National Theater’s Alcons QR series speaker implementation was complemented by a new middle speaker solution. It was implemented using two (A and B middle speaker system) 7-speaker Alcons LR-7 line-array speaker groups. At the same time, the Alcons Sentinel amplifier equipment was complemented by two Sentinel model 3 4-channel DSP amplifiers, and a new AIControl monitoring/control software was adopted. In addition, signal distribution was implemented using a Dante networked solution. The new middle speaker system excellently covers the floor as well as the balconies, and the entire audience can clearly hear the dialogue/songs of the plays.

The National Theater’s fully served Yamaha PM1D soundboard was replaced with Yamaha’s latest flagship model PM-10 Rivage.

The National Theater’s fully served Yamaha PM1D soundboard was replaced with Yamaha’s latest flagship model PM-10 Rivage. The soundboard system consists of a control console, DSP unit and four interface units, of which three have fixed installations and one is in mobile use on stage. The interface units have been networked using a Yamaha Twinlane optical channel solution. The system also includes new Yamaha HY144 Dante adapters with a 144-channel capacity. They are used for transmitting the signal to the amplifiers, the Virtual Sound Check computer and the Q-lab effects computers that have been connected directly through a network interface using the Dante Virtual Sound Card software. The new implementation of the soundboard’s sound processing and networking represents latest digital technology. Electro Waves did the holistic package of design, installation, configuration and adoption for the customer as a turnkey delivery.

Electro Waves implemented L-Fashion Group’s head office building facade lighting, that brings out the building impressively.