The Pohjankartano school

Pohjankartanon koulu Oulussa otti käyttöönsä CTOUCH kosketusnäytöt tammikuussa 2

The Pohjankartano school in Oulu started using CTOUCH touch screens in January 2016. In this project, Electro Waves was the equipment supplier and imple­mentation was handled by Fair Share Finland Oy in Alppila, Oulu.

The solution at Pohjankartano school includes CTOUCH interactive 84’’ touch screens and a WePresent wireless image transfer solution.

Technical support person Ville Viljanmaa could not be happier with the choice:
“CTOUCH’s ease of use has been more than great for us. We’ve had real cost savings, because there was no need to get separate selectors or to hassle with things such as installing drivers. Everything worked at once. The implementation and maintenance of the screens has been a purely positive thing.”