Kliffa & Klubi in Porvoo

Kliffa & Klubi is an atmospheric cocktail / wine bar and a nightclub in Porvoo. This popular venue wants to offer its customers a pleasant environment to spend evening and to succeed in this, it is also essential to take into account the technical solutions of the premises.

For club, that was opened in Easter 2017, it was important to get a cost-effective solution with focus on the sound. Otherwise both designers and implementation were carried out without further limitations.

For sound was chosen DAS-Vantec series of active loudspeakers, which are ideal for playing versatile music – regardless if the source was digital recording or live performance.

Old wooden building and good acoustics together with modern, active loudspeakers guarantee a pleasant atmosphere in Kliffa & Klubi.

Technical solution:
Pioneer DJM 900 NXS2
Pioneer CDJ-900NXS
DAS Vantec 12 active loudspeakers
DAS Vantec 18A active subwoofer
DAS artec 506A
DAS artec S15A active subwoofer
DAS ANL2 set
Shure SM58 microphone
Showtec Galactic Polar MKII DMX 51318
Moving head XS-1RGBW  40159
FLAT LED par RGBV light
Fader in Multi Light control 64 Ch
DMX Spitter 4/3
IMIX-5.3 D2352
RGB light strip + 4 kpl RGB DMX power
ChamSys MiniWing + PC
Pro Hazer –smoke machine